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75th Whipple Reunion of John and Adeline Whipple Descendants, August 14, 2016


Recently Raymond Whipple of Manchester, NH posted the following on the Whipple Website Facebook Group. I took the liberty of repeating it here:

We will be having our 75th Whipple reunion of the descendants of John and Adeline Whipple. We welcome any descendants of Captain John to join us for a day of fun and family fellowship. The date will be August 14, 2016 at the Otter Brook State park in Keene N.H.. We start arriving at around 10am. There will be plenty to do. We have also designed shirts for the 75th and the link will be below. Even if you can not attend you can still get a shirt. Shirts are shipped directly to your home. Any questions feel free to ask.

It looks like any descendants of Captain John are invited to attend, if you’re in the area. If you can’t attend but want to purchase a reunion T-shirt, visit … (The campaign ends in 18 days (from the date of this post).

The Keene NH annual reunion maintains its own Facebook Page.

Descendants of John and Adeline Whipple, Keene, N.H., August 9, 2015

On July 16, Raymond Whipple announced their 2015 reunion at Otter Brook Lake State Park in Keene, New Hampshire. Here is what he said on the Whipple Website Facebook group:

There will be a reunion of the descendants of John and Adeline Whipple on August 9th starting at 9am. We welcome any Whipple however so please come and we can exchange stories and lineage. It will be at the Otter Brook State Park in Keene N.H. Bring a dish to share and there will be a grill available for cooking. We will also be having a raffle of donated items to help cover expense of the rental. There will be plenty to do from games to swimming(so bring your trunks). I hope to see you there. .

Raymond says any Whipple is welcome, so if you’re in the area without another reunion to attend this year, you might want to check out this reunion.

Two Summer 2014 Reunions, in New Hampshire and Utah

My inbox has two announcements (so far) of Whipple Reunions this summer. Here they are, in chronological order:

Dewey Whipple Descendants, June 6-7, 2014, Heber Valley Camp, Utah

Pennie Whipple ( announced the June reunion on March 28 via email.

The reunion begins at approximately 2:30 p.m. on Friday through 4:30 p.m. on Saturday. Email Pennie for the latest information about the reunion to be held at Heber Valley Camp.

John and Adeline Whipple Descendants, August 10, 2014, Otter Brook State Park, New Hampshire

Raymond Whipple announced this reunion on the Whipple Website Facebook page on April 21:

Mark your calendar! Whipple family reunion August 10, 2014 at Otter Brook State Park. ( ). People will start arriving at 10am. If you plan on attending please bring a dish to share. We also have a raffle table with items donated by those attending. There are grills for your grilling pleasure. This in the past has been for the descendants of John and Adeline Whipple but we wanted to meet more relatives so any descendant of Captain John and Sarah are welcome! The more the better! Any questions feel free to contact me.

Report: 72nd Whipple Reunion of Descendants of John and Adeline Whipple and 2014 Invitation

Today I received a report of the 72nd Whipple Reunion at Otter Brook State Park in Keene, N.H. According to Raymond A. Whipple (who sent the email):

The reunion is the 2nd Sunday in August starting at around 10am with business meeting around noon before lunch. It is at Otter Brook State Park in Keene N.H.  For those that wish to attend next year and would like some information, feel free to email me at We hope to see many more relatives attend next year. We are hoping to meet new Whipple’s and see ones that have not attended in some time once again.

Here are the minutes of the reunion:

72nd Whipple Reunion

45 descendants of John and Adeline Whipple attended the 72nd Whipple reunion at Otter Brook State Park in Keene N.H. Guest in attendance came from New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Minnesota, and Pennsylvania.

Recognition were as follows:

  • Oldest in attendance: John Whipple Sr.
  • Youngest in attendance: Shea Brett
  • Married the longest: Don & Betty Whipple
  • Married the shortest: Armand & Robin Comtois
  • Travelled the farthest: Donna Comtois

Thank you to Carole DeWolf for doing the gifts! Hello’s and well wishes from those that could not attend. Jim and Len wanted to be remembered as well as Jean Whipple Thomas who recently had surgery.

There were no reported births or reported marriages.  Wes Martin sent a letter to tell us that his wife Betty had passed away. Cards will be sent from all of us.

A vote was take and passed to have the reunion at the same location next year but a little closer to the rest rooms. A vote was also taken for the officers which are, John Whipple Jr. as President, Raymond A. Whipple as Vice President, and Karen Hall as secretary/treasurer. Both Karen Hall and Raymond Whipple will continue as historians.

Everyone shared dishes at the center table and are encouraged to do so again next year. The grill as well was used by many. The raffle was once again manned by Herve and Janice Bosse. The cake was donated by Rod & Helen Whipple. A collection was taken and the raffle was a huge success and will help to continue to fund the reunion.

Respectfully submitted,
Karen Hall

Note: John Whipple is in the Whipple Genweb at Adeline is at