75th Whipple Reunion of John and Adeline Whipple Descendants, August 14, 2016


Recently Raymond Whipple of Manchester, NH posted the following on the Whipple Website Facebook Group. I took the liberty of repeating it here:

We will be having our 75th Whipple reunion of the descendants of John and Adeline Whipple. We welcome any descendants of Captain John to join us for a day of fun and family fellowship. The date will be August 14, 2016 at the Otter Brook State park in Keene N.H.. We start arriving at around 10am. There will be plenty to do. We have also designed shirts for the 75th and the link will be below. Even if you can not attend you can still get a shirt. Shirts are shipped directly to your home. Any questions feel free to ask.

It looks like any descendants of Captain John are invited to attend, if you’re in the area. If you can’t attend but want to purchase a reunion T-shirt, visit https://www.spreadspirit.com/75th-whipple-reunion#/1-size-s/41-color-sport_grey/39-style-g200_ … (The campaign ends in 18 days (from the date of this post).

The Keene NH annual reunion maintains its own Facebook Page.