Descendants of John and Adeline Whipple, Keene, N.H., August 9, 2015

On July 16, Raymond Whipple announced their 2015 reunion at Otter Brook Lake State Park in Keene, New Hampshire. Here is what he said on the Whipple Website Facebook group:

There will be a reunion of the descendants of John and Adeline Whipple on August 9th starting at 9am. We welcome any Whipple however so please come and we can exchange stories and lineage. It will be at the Otter Brook State Park in Keene N.H. Bring a dish to share and there will be a grill available for cooking. We will also be having a raffle of donated items to help cover expense of the rental. There will be plenty to do from games to swimming(so bring your trunks). I hope to see you there. .

Raymond says any Whipple is welcome, so if you’re in the area without another reunion to attend this year, you might want to check out this reunion.